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Aluminum Rigid Conduit Elbow 45

Aluminum Rigid Conduit Elbow 45
Product name:Aluminum Rigid Conduit Elbow 45
 Rigid ALUMINUM CONDUIT ELBOW  - 90 degree

 Rigid Aluminum Conduits and Accessories are manufactured from 6063 aluminum alloy. They meet the Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Electrical Metal Conduit – Aluminum Bronze & Stainless Steel, UL6A. This product is especially suited for applications and installations requiring light weight, highly corrosive resistant, and non-magnetic protection. The series of HaiMei rigid aluminum conduit products are manufactured in standard trade size through 6" and include conduits, elbows (90o and 45o), couplings, and nipples. 



  1. Costs Less than Rigid Steel Conduit with extremely durable
  2. Light weight is approximately 1/3 as much as Steel
  3. Excellent corrosion resistance, non-magnetic, moisture
  4. Easy to install to save working time.
  5. Low Maintenance

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